Dangerous Goods Courses Overview

A person who drives, loads and unloads a vehicle transporting packaged dangerous goods does not have to be an approved handler if they have a dangerous goods endorsement on their drivers licence. (This does not apply to transport of explosives or dangerous goods in bulk (see the ‘Hazardous Substances (Dangerous Goods and Scheduled Toxic Substances) Transfer Notice 2004, as amended, published in the New Zealand Gazette) – reference from Ministry of Transport – Transporting Dangerous Goods Safely, An Industry guide, October 2008. An example of this is your forklift driver working in the warehouse unloading/loading trucks.)

Dangerous Goods Endorsement (D)
dangerous goods sign

This is an endorsement to a New Zealand Drivers licence to allow a driver to transport Dangerous Goods

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Dangerous Goods Renewal
Tanker HG

This is a course suitable to drivers who hold a current Dangerous Goods Endorsement that is due to expire.

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Transporting Dangerous Goods on a Worksite
Barrels of dangerous goods on a worksite

This is a course designed to provide employees with training on safe transporting and loading of dangerous goods. It does not go in to the requirements for storage as this is very variable depending on the dangerous goods and site layout. Storage specifications should already be established if your company holds dangerous goods on site.

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