Dangerous Goods Endorsement (D)

This enables you to transport dangerous goods in a vehicle on a Public ROAD. A road is defined as “an area principally used for vehicle or pedestrian traffic, which the general public have access to, whether as of right or not” – this includes, but is not limited to, a customer carpark, internal road, New Zealand roads, footpaths, driveways.

A lot depends on what you’re transporting, how much of it and under what circumstances.

  • If you’re transporting dangerous goods for hire or reward (eg if you’re a transport operator or a courier), you will usually need a D endorsement. Refer to Section 9.2 of the Land Transport Rule Dangerous Goods 2005 Rule 45001/1.http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/rules/dangerous-goods-2005.html#92
  • If you’re transporting dangerous goods as tools-of-trade and the quantities are under the limits in schedule 1 of the Rule, you don’t need a D endorsement. Refer here. http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/rules/dangerous-goods-2005.html#schedule1
  • If you’re transporting dangerous goods as tools-of-trade in quantities that are over the limits in schedule 1, you will need a D endorsement, except for dangerous goods that are toxic to the aquatic environment and classified as UN 3077 or UN 3082, environmentally hazardous substances.

For more info refer here: UN3077 and here UN3082

If you’re transporting dangerous goods for domestic or recreational purposes, you don’t need a D endorsement.


You will need to hold a New Zealand Learners, Restricted or Full Class Drivers Licence in order to carry out D Endorsement training.

Consists of 5 hours theory, followed by an open book Theory Test. The Unit Standard 16718 is automatically registered by us against the students Record of Learning (RoL) with the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) as part of protocol (refer NZQA Units). An Endorsement Certificate is issued for the student to take in to a New Zealand Land Transport Agency to update their Drivers Licence.

5-6 Hour Course

Location Options:

At Your Premises or at our Henderson Site - more information on training at our site.

DG Warehouse

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