DG Renewal

This course is a condensed version of the Dangerous Goods Endorsement (D) and drivers are expected to be able to find their way around the "Operators Handbook for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road" publication (available for purchase when booking training)


Prerequisites: Hold a current Dangerous Goods Endorsement (D) on your New Zealand Drivers licence. This endorsement must not be expired prior to doing the course. If it has already expired then it is mandatory by Land Transport that the full Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course is completed instead.


Consists of 1-2 hours theory, followed by a closed book Theory Test. An Endorsement Certificate is issued for the student to take in to a New Zealand Land Transport Agency to update their Drivers Licence.

1-2 Hour Course

Location Options:

At Your Premises or at our Henderson Site - more information on training at our site.

DG Warehouse

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